Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Many of you followed along on our adoption journey. If you didn't, you can read up on it by going to the blog my husband created during that time When we traveled to get our son, we literally spent 8 hours in Liberia before we were on a plane headed back to America. As happy as I was that we had our son, I was also grieving the loss of my dream to spend time in Africa. This April God opened the door for me to travel to Uganda with a team from Children's HopeChest. I spent 2 weeks there. Once again, my life was transformed by what I saw and experienced. Here are a few pictures from my trip:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My journey to a black and white world began 3 years ago on a mission's trip to Biloxi, MS. Besides the people on my team, I was the lone white face in a sea of black. I thought it would feel different or that I would be afraid. What I discovered was that I loved the people who were surrounding me. I loved their differences as well as their similarities. Both Dale and I returned from that trip changed. Two weeks later we were calling the agency we did foster care through and asked them to do a homestudy. It was our first physical step towards our journey of adoption.

Our trip to Biloxi and the first referral picture we received of our children together.

Joining the 21st Century

After all of my time spent on a computer sending e-mails, I finally decided I would try my hand at something a little more challenging. Here you have the result of my brain expansion. This blog was created to keep friends up to date, to discuss adoption, brag on my kids and voice my love for orphans and Africa. It is my desire that through this blog, God will impress something on you that makes you want to draw closer to Him.

Next blog - I'll really get modern and learn how to post pictures!