Sunday, April 17, 2011

Of Princes and Princesses

Everyone has heard about the soon-to-be princess, Kate, betrothed to Prince William. Her marriage to William will change her status in an instant from ordinary to royalty.

Not too far away, at least by plane, in the hot tropics of Africa lives another princess, Princess Katie. She was not royal by birth, just like Kate. No, she grew up in an ordinary family in ordinary Tennessee. During her high school years, she fell in love with a man. He just happened to be of royal descent.

This man rocked Katie's world. The more she grew to know him, the more madly in love she fell.

During her Senior year of school, Katie spent some time in Uganda working at an orphanage. Her heart was smitten by the beautiful children, so much so that she spent her summer there as well.

When Katie came back, she wasn't the same person anymore. Sometime during that year, she had given herself fully to the man of her dreams, her prince. She became a married woman who now was of royal blood.

Both Kate and Katie have similar stories, but their realities are quite different. You see, the man Katie married was Jesus - the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Her union to Him makes her royalty, but her life is nothing like what you would expect for such a high honor.

Her home is not a castle laden with servants. In her home, SHE is the servant. Fourteen girls call her mom. Many others in the community call her "Auntie Katie" as she bandages wounds, feeds the hungry, listens to broken hearts and always, she introduces these people to her "husband".

No, you won't find her story on the cover of USA Today. Jewels and earthly goods - she has none. What she does have is favor with God Almighty. One day He will crown her head with many crowns. One day He will welcome her to her home in Heaven and she will be gloriously adorned. One day, she will have riches that far surpass the fleeting ones of this earth.

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