Thursday, July 7, 2011

From The Beginning

It started years ago...perhaps decades ago. I was the child who always had a heart for the unlovable. Maybe it was my ability to identify with them, maybe it was that God was stirring my heart before I even knew there was a Creator.

While in High School, I discovered the One who loves me so much He died for me. He died for unlovable me.

He owned all of the riches in the world. In fact, He was the one who created the world and all that inhabits it. And, He GAVE it ALL up. Imagine that! How many CEO's do you know who would give it all up to have no home, one set of clothes, no consistent food, no health insurance, no car and no friends? I know not one, but my Jesus did this for me and you.

So began my quest to know this Redeemer more. Who is this man who would do this for me? And why?

I poured over Scriptures and saw Grace. Sinful, pitiful me looked into the eyes of my Savior and found grace. I didn't deserve what He had done for me, and I couldn't earn it. What I could do was become like Him.

I could learn to love like Him. I could ask for compassion like Him. I could live like Him.

If I really wanted to identify, I needed to go where He went and do what He did.

"God", I cried out, "send me to the unlovable." And, He did. A few years ago, I left my comfort zone and found myself in Africa. No electricity, no running water, no bathrooms, no abundance of food and no hope - this was my reality for 2 weeks. It is everybodies reality who lives there.

I came home changed. I saw how the rest of the world lives and I could never again be comfortable in America. My Jesus had grabbed my heart and changed it to look a little more like His.

I came home and wanted the rest of my family to "see". Now my cry to God became, "Lord, let each of my children be able to go and experience a Third World before they leave my nest. Mold their little hearts to be like Yours. Give them a heart that beats for the 'Least of These'."

Thus began my journey to the Philippines with my son Caleb. One, one child has gone and seen and came back changed. He now understands. He now "sees".

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