Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stepping off the Edge

I had been here many times before. Signing up to go on a mission's trip was easy...following through was not. There was always that one big hurdle that I just couldn't seem to get beyond.

It is what everyone dreads; it is what made me run.

Raising support. A leap of faith, too big for my feeble feet to take. I backed out every single time when it came to this part - until now.

One Sunday I sat in church, listening to the Pastor make announcements. He mentioned an upcoming trip to the Philippines. Something stirred in my heart. I tried to dismiss it.

My husband looked at me and shocked me with his words. "Honey, I think you should go and take one of the kids with you."

Gulp! I will have to raise HOW much? Impossible! Doesn't my husband realize we are in the midst of an economical recession?

Hesitantly, I sat through the informational meeting. I put my name and my sons on the list of those who were going. In my heart, I wondered if I really was or not.

The support letters were composed. The moment I released them into the mailbox, I felt instantly nauseous. What would people think? I don't like to offend.

The next meeting for the trip came. The leader handed me a piece of paper. On it was the amount of support that had come in. My knees quaked. My first goal had been met. Someone from our church heard God say that He would be sending her a check. She received one a few days later in the mail and gave it ALL away to Caleb and I.


The money kept pouring in. We were exactly where we needed to be for each goal...for a while.

We were half way and then the money stopped. The weeks were passing and soon we would have to make a decision - were we going or not?

I sat at my computer. Before I booted it up, I prayed,"Lord, make it crystal clear what Your will is in this. I surrender my plans for what You want. I have stepped out in faith. Maybe that was all You wanted for me - to take that step. Just, please let me know SOON!"

The computer screen came up. Facebook is my homepage. Immediately, a friend started chatting with me. She had remembered that I was hoping to go on a mission's trip and wanted my support letter. The tears trickled down my cheeks. "God, You are so good! You have put my trip on the minds of others."

Another meeting and I am informed that all but $60.00 has come in. God did it! He showed me that I can step off the edge of my comfort zone and He will guide me. God's wealth never changes - even in a recession!

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