Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Necklace

My two older sons were away at camp for a week. They had a great time but they were glad to be home. I received quite a few bear hugs and let me tell you, they can just about squeeze the guts out of me these days. Shortly after their return, my oldest son disappeared for about 15 minutes. I saw him walking towards our house about a block away and started to get angry that he didn't tell me he was leaving. I couldn't be mad, though, when he sheepishly smiled and held out a bag for me to open. Inside was a necklace, a beautiful necklace. Get this...he took his birthday money to buy it for me. The reason - he knows how much I miss Africa and he thought if I had a necklace that looked like one from there, I wouldn't miss it so much. Don't I have the best son!

The picture is of me(wearing the necklace) and my precious boy! Some girl is going to be greatly blessed to get him.

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  1. what a cute story. and i know what you mean about the hugging thing. joe hugs me so hard and when he kisses my cheek he could knock me over. what is it with these boys. i wouldn't trade it for the world tho. (he gave me a hug and kiss in front of his friends the other day and they all harassed him and gave him a hard time, poor guy!)