Thursday, July 2, 2009

When Words Hurt

Two of our neighborhood kids were at my house chatting with me. Their mom works and goes to school fulltime. Their dad...well each of the 3 kids have different fathers. The man who is presently in their lives is the mom's boyfriend. The older 2 children have never seen their fathers. They were voicing their sadness to me. Oh how my heart hurt for these girls. They also were telling me how they get teased because they are mixed ethnicities.

Josiah overheard their conversation and he said he used to get teased in Africa. I waited to hear what tall tale he would come up with. Really, how much could he remember from when he was 3 years old. What came out of his mouth made me cry, though. He said his mom had dropped him off and said she would be back. The kids all laughed and told him that she was lying, that all the moms said that but they never returned. He said, even though they were right, it still hurt that they teased him about it.

In a moment I rememberd the look on his face when I returned from Africa. How he fell to the ground sobbing deep sobs. He couldn't stand he was so sad. I knew he thought I wasn't really going to return but I had no idea of this memory tucked away in his little mind. No precious boy, this mommy will never leave you. May God erase your pain as time goes on. May you learn to trust. May your life never be turned upside down again. May you know that I love you more than my words can possibly say.

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  1. love that middle pic of josiah and gabriella!!!
    it is hard to hear these stories..
    just this week i had to explain to teddy that when it feels like no one understands or you can't trust enough to share something very painful that you can take it to god and he understands. such precious little kiddos that god has given to us to show that unconditional love. you are doing a wonderful job mom!