Tuesday, July 28, 2009


On Mother's Day of this year, my husband preached at our church about adoption. He explained how God adopted us as His sons and daughters. It was a beautiful sermon. If you'd like to listen to it click here.

A new movie was just released about an orphan gone wrong. I do not know anything about the movie, but I want to tell you about our adoption gone right.

Dale and I have always loved children. Our hearts particularly went out to the disadvantaged, poverty-stricken, lonely hurting kids. We started doing foster care while in the midst of enlarging our own family. We saw many beautiful children adopted to wonderful families. Occasionally, a child would return home.

After 9 years of fostering we felt God leading us to change a child's world forever. We changed our license from foster care to adoption and began the lengthy process. We thought we knew what to expect, but we were unaware of the deep emotions we would feel.

From the moment we had the name of our son and daughter, we would do anything to get those children. They were as much "mine" as any biological child I bore. I cannot describe the love I felt. I did not have to feel the child kicking or see my stomach move to believe that they were mine.

The battle to get them home was long and hard. I will not lie and say otherwise. Part of my heart was in Africa and officials there could decide if my heart was ever to be made whole. Thank God, the One who gives life, all of my children are with me now!

The kids have been home for a little over a year now. This past year has certainly gone faster than the year when we were waiting. It, too, has not been without trials. I would not expect it otherwise. Any child put up for adoption is in a crisis situation. The child is uprooted from all he/she knows. Who wouldn't struggle with fear of abandonment, some anger and rebellion!Does it get better? Absolutely!

The joy my children bring is immeasurable. I cannot recount to you the number of times my heart has been blessed. Thank you Lord for my children, ALL of my children.

This picture is of 3 children who were once orphans...but not any longer!

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