Friday, June 26, 2009

13 is a grand number

My eldest child turns 13 tomorrow. At times, I see glimpses of the man I envision him becoming. At other times, I see a little boy. In the next few years he will have to learn how to leave boyhood behind and reach forward to all that God has in store for him. I know many people dread the teen years but with this particular child I do not. This precious child would rather go to Africa than be given anything else in the world. Since he has been very little, he has loved people and been concerned about their salvation. He has led 2 of our children to the Lord and his Auntie. Years ago he gave away his favorite Bible because a boy in our neighborhood said he liked it. At night he prays that one day he will have a godly wife who will be content with little money. He knows that he wants to be either a pastor or missionary because he desparately wants people to know Jesus. What more could a mom possibly want! Happy Birthday my precious son! I love you so very much and look forward to watching you grow in the next year.

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