Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vac Man

Yes, it's true. I have my very own vac-man. He is my neighbor who just happens to love vacuuming. As I speak, or should I say write, he is doing the living room. He just finished the stairs and if he has time I know he'll do the sunroom. I bet you all are jealous now!

In reality, he is one of the sweetest teenagers I know. He will come over and spend an hour or two talking with my kids about God. They meet on the trampoline in our yard and discuss what they are learning in the Bible. How cool is that!

He graces me with the title "second mom". I feel so blessed.

Some day he plans to design his own vacuum cleaner. Trust me, this 13 year old boy knows everything there is to know about vacuums. Look for me on Oprah in 10 years saying, "He used to be MY vac-man"!


  1. That is so cool. I wish he lived close enough to come over and help me figure out how to fix my vacuum. : ) Does he do house calls? : )