Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Computers. Facebook and My Integrity

A few weeks ago my nephew sent me a message on facebook. It said, "ganda - your home video". I had recently returned from Uganda and had posted a video to you-tube the day before. I thought he was commenting on my video and had just mistyped Uganda(leaving off the U). I opened the e-mail and immediately it sent horrific messages to my entire facebook list. Dale tried to remove the garbage from facebook. We thought he had succeeded, only to find out that the virus is wired to repost 3 hours later.

First, my Pastor calls to inform me that I've been spammed. Next, I get calls from dear friends whose children received vile messages. I was horrified! The worst of it was that it made people who have known me for a long time question my integrity. Oh how quickly garbage can infect everything around it.

Dale continued to work on my computer to rid it of the spam. Unfortunately, the virus infects more than just facebook. It makes ads appear instead of google, it shuts my computer down whenever it feels like it and it won't load pictures anymore.
I have to do many things through Dale's laptop. Well, I think he finally was tired of me interupting him for help. Yesterday he announced to me that he had ordered me a laptop! Keep in mind that the computer I work on now is around 10 years old and the monitor is even older. Also keep in mind that there is nothing my husband enjoys buying me more than electronics (and this will be a business write-off). Usually I am not very grateful for the things he wants to get me. I would rather have a walk with him or some other kind of cheap date. This time I am very grateful! I have been praying about what my involvement is to be in Uganda. A new computer can be a great help in this endeavor. May God get all of the glory through this! He CAN take something negative and turn it into something He can use for His glory.

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