Thursday, June 25, 2009


I happen to be blessed to know many amazing Godly women. They are doing incredible things for the Kingdom. I mean AMAZING things. One young lady was used by God to heal a blind woman. Another friend has raised thousands of dollars to feed hungry children. Another is starting her own special needs orphanage in Liberia. The list goes on and on. These women have listened to God and followed His voice. I am proud of them and humbled to be called their friend. Then I turn my eyes upon myself and wonder what I'm doing wrong. Some days I feel like I can barely make it through parenting 6 kids. I met many women in Africa who were parenting 15 to 20 kids, 6 is just a drop in the bucket. God gently reminds me that He has called each of us to different things. I cannot compare myself to anyone else. I can only be faithful with what He has given me and keep my eyes looking up (not side-to-side).

God reminded me of something last night. A year ago someone we knew in Liberia needed food for him and his family. My oldest son overheard my husband and I discussing this issue. He went to his room and brought me back all of his money that he had received from his birthday. He said, "Mom, I was saving this for a video game but I think food is more important. Is there a way you can send it to Africa for me?" He gave me every last penny he had and we went to Walmart and sent the money. He never once looked back or thought twice about his decision. Oh how I love this child's heart! God has given me something grand to do - it is raising my children to love Him and have His heart; may I do it well!


  1. Wow. That must have been such a blessing to you! I love seeing God working in my kids' hearts and lives.

    You want to know something funny? I felt so discouraged the other day about how little I was doing for the Kingdom after reading YOUR blog because I look at you like you look at those other women. You inspire me and make me want to be more for Him. I wrote this devotion about that the other day:

    Thank you for being such an inspiration to me.


  2. Yeah, pretty much considering the same post. . .about never feeling comfortable in your place in the world, in ministry, in parenting, etc.

    Love you friend. YOU are making a difference. Joseph was so blessed that you immediately called him to ask to pay for a family's food for a month. a month friend. You helped that family survive in their grief.

    Not only are you raising amazing kiddos, you are changing the world with your quiet obedience to the Father and blessing many along the way.

    I love you and am blessed to call you my friend

  3. Hi Kim,
    I totally understand how you feel. Our adoption journeys have led us to some pretty amazing women, which is a huge blessing. It's so tough to measure up :)
    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I was here and am so glad to hear about your amazing trip. It makes me want to go back.
    Pat Joyce