Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our citizenship

Do you know that as U.S. citizens we can get a visa to almost anywhere in the world? Do you know what a privilege that is? I took this for granted until I started meeting people who are denied again and again the right to leave their country. No matter what atrocities are taking place in their land, they are stuck. During my quiet time with the Lord, He revealed some things to me. As U.S. citizens we can go to Africa, buy a visa at the airport and if things get rough we can be on a plane headed back to America. What if we decided to move to Uganda and give up our citizenship here, becoming Ugandan citizens. You would say we were crazy! Why on earth would we give up the ability to go anywhere. Well, that's just what Jesus did. Think about it, He gave up His citizenship in Heaven to come to earth. He willingly left everything. Are we willing to do the same?

In my last post, I mentioned a place I love - Rapha. The man who shephards the children there is Arthur. He married an amazing woman named Ruth who had the vision for putting children into foster families instead of orphanages. Ruth devoted her life to helping children find families, love and Jesus. Last fall Ruth died unexpectedly. In her short life, she touched the lives of so many. Since then, Arthur has assumed the role as the leader of Rapha. He also is a teacher and the father to 5 children. When I was in Uganda, God laid it upon my heart to try and get Arthur over here to stay with us for awhile. I had no idea why or how. I've had some crazy ideas before but this seems really wild, I know. So, I come home and share my idea with Dale (lets bring a guy over that I've known for 5 days) and guess what he it!! Okay, we are all nuts. Living for the Lord is usually out of the ordinary, though. We are now waiting to see if Arthur can get a visa to come for this summer. We know if God started this, He will be the one to see it through. When and if Arthur comes, it will be because God has opened the doors and has a plan. Here are some pictures of Arthur (see he's not the serial killer type)!


  1. i can relate to this post! how far have you gotten on the process? i guess crazy people have other crazy friends. hoping and praying that he can come and the process will be easier than ours! loved what you said about jesus giving up his home in heaven to come here with us.

  2. That was such a great illustration about Jesus giving up His citizenship. It really struck my heart.

    I love your new blog. I'm praying for you and Arthur.