Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Man

Tomorrow is Father's Day here in America. It's a day set aside to take time to think about the father you have been given. For some people, it is a hard day because they did not grow up with a loving father. For many years it was a hard day for me because my father died when I was young. A turning point came for me, though, the day a dear friend of mine shared with me that I still had a loving father - I just couldn't see him. From that moment on, I began to know my Heavenly Father. My life was forever changed! The best part is that this Father is perfect! He can do no wrong, He can never point me in the wrong direction.

In fact, God removed an ungodly man from my life and 6 months later gave me "My Man". Oh how good God is! I have been with Dale for 20 years, married for 17. I wouldn't trade a single moment I've spent with him. He is a God-fearing man who is sold out to Christ. He has loved me more than himself many times. He is an amazing father, a hard-worker and a very giving man. I am so glad he is mine! Thank you Lord for your wonderful blessings!

I love you, babes!

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