Saturday, June 6, 2009

I've fallen in love again

...and no, I'm not cheating on my husband! I fell in love with a group of children who are part of Bethesda International (also known as Rapha). I spent 3 days getting to know the children, teachers and caretakers there. The kids taught us hand games, how to stick grass in your ears to keep your holes open, which type of grass to floss your teeth with and how to sing beautiful praise songs. We sat on top of a hill overlooking the amazing countryside of Jinja. The children encircled me and asked me question after question. Let me say, they did not ask simple questions like "what is your name?" No, they asked questions that cut to the core of who I am. They asked me why I couldn't be their mom, would I ever want to be their mom, could I eat what they eat and live like they do, will I go back to America and forget about them. No, sweet children, I will never forget about you. I can't. God reminds me of you every single day. Your songs resonate through my mind. The memory of your smiles make me smile. Your questions inspire me to think globally.

Two instances run through my mind again and again. The first took place while chatting with the older girls of Rapha. Boys were playing soccer near by and the ball took a curve landing on my head. I had placed my sunglasses on my head so I could better see the girls. Needless to say, my glasses broke. Immediately, one of the girls looked me in the eyes and said "What now? You'll just go back to America and buy another pair, won't you?" Normally, yes; this time, no. How could I when I have stared into the eyes of poverty. In fact, I have found it very difficult to even go to the grocery store since I've been back. We have so many choices available and the kids in Africa have so few. The verse that God keeps reminding me of is "To those who have been given much, much will be required." I have been given so much. My list of blessings from God could fill several pages. May my precious Lord have a list just as long detailing times I have given out of my love for Him. I know my salvation is not based on how much I do, but oh how I long to please the One who saved me.

The second instance took place after we had taught the kids a Bible lesson. We shared with them John13:1-17, where Jesus washes the disciples' feet. After the lesson, we had the kids fill basins with water and we washed every childs feet. As I was washing one little girl's, I noticed a sizable sore on her leg. I had brought a traveling first aid kit, so I grabbed a band-aid out and put it on her leg. Before long, I had children from all over the village lined up to get a band-aid. The wounds kept getting more severe and my supplies ran out. I wanted to cry as little girls brought me babies who were sickly and thought that I could heal them. I prayed for these children and I still pray for them. How I wish a band-aid would make everything better!

The kids sang a song for us that I just loved. It was called "Jesus is the Hope of Africa". Here it is for your enjoyment:

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